Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones


Best Solar Chargers For Cell Phone

From the main two types of solar chargers for cell phones, the portable battery packs are the best option to charge your gizmo like cell phone, tablet, and mp3 player. The main things you should consider before buying a solar charger for cell phone are the portability of the solar charger, its compatibility, output power it provides, weight, and ease of use. I have made hours of testing on different solar powered cell phone chargers for different kinds of cell phones. I found some of them working well, according to my needs while some of them hardly can charge anything. Read ahead to check out which are some of the “Solar Chargers for Cell Phones”.

Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

RAVPower 15W Solar Charger for Cell Phone with Dual USB PortRAVPower has built this 15W solar charger with a high conversion charging technology which keep your cell phone powered up. It offers an environmentally friendly way to charge your cell phone, tablet or mp3 player. It is having a foldable design which makes you happy to carry it in your bag while travelling or on a flight. You just need to unfold it under the sunlight, connect your cell phone, tablet or any other device and it will be charged up, simple! This solar charger for cell phone also comes with a nylon pocket, which can be used to hide your device from the direct sunlight.

Features of the RAVPower Solar Charger for Cell Phones:

  • Dual USB ports help you to charge two devices at a time
  • Easy to carry foldable design – great for outdoor trips
  • Built with a high conversion solar charging technology
  • The iSmart technology detects your connected device and provides maximum charging output for up to 3A to charge your cell phone faster and smarter
  • Water-resistant and mould-resistant heavy duty nylon pocket pouch to protect your device in any weather condition

ECEEN® 13W Solar Charger Foldable Portable Solar Panel With Dual USB Output Charge for Cell PhonesECEEN has developed this amazing solar powered cell phone charger with an ultrahigh solar conversion rate of 22% which gives high-efficiency of 13W. It is a durable solar power pack which is unbroken even if you bend it to 90 degrees. An Ideal solar powered battery pack for cell phones which can be used in camping, backpacking, and outdoor activities.

Characteristics of ECEEN 13W Solar Charger for Cell Phone are as bellow:

  • Lightest weight and ultra compact design makes it super portable solar charger
  • Dual USB support to charge two devices simultaneously
  • High-quality polyester used to make this solar power pack weather resistant and durable for a long time
  • Built-in 5 sets of magnets make a unique design with an easy fold and unfold facility makes this solar charger easy to use
  • Compatible to all kinds of cell phones, tablets and other 5V USB-charged devices
  • Available in four variations

Nexcon - Solar Charger for Cell PhonesThis is the first ever rain-resistant and shockproof solar cell phone charger from Nexcon. It provides environmentally friendly charging for your cell phone and recharges itself under the sunlight. The shockproof feature of the power pack makes it able to work properly even if it drops or crashes.

It is having a compact and stylish design which easily fits in your bag or purse. This solar powered charger for cell phones is perfect for long flights, travelling, camping, hiking, or whenever you want to charge your cell phone anyplace you are. The solar charger for cell phone has the capacity of the 5000mAh battery which is made from the world’s safest battery – Li-Polymer. It has 4 LED lights which will show you the status of the battery remaining. The grade A cell of high capacity gives 2.1A output for faster and smarter charging. It has two USB ports, which allows you to charge two devices at a time. You can also buy solar charger for cell phone from Amazon with free shipping costs.

Levin-6000mAh Dual USB Port Portable Solar Charger for Cell PhonesLevin offers this smart, fashionable, and safe energy electronic in the form of a portable solar charger for cell phone charging. The high capacity 6000mAh battery  built by using an A-grade cell to provide a powerful 2.1A output to charge your cell phone.

Check the features of the Levin 6000mAh portable solar charger for cell phone:

  • Compact, stylish and portable design makes you able to carry it anywhere in your bag to give you instant power you want for your cell phone
  • Built in LED flashlight which perfectly works in darkness to light up your way
  • The LED light also shows the status of your battery and indicates charging and discharging processes
  • Rain resistant and shock proof solar powered charger to provide you safe, free and reliable charging with the help of solar energy technology
  • After charging it for up to 7-8 hours, it will easily recharge your cell phone for up to 80 to 90%
  • A Water-resistant solar panel works even when it’s raining
  • Compatible with all kinds of cell phones, tablets and mp3 players having USB ports for charging

Nekteck-Solar Panel Charger for cell phoneThe 12000mAh capacity solar power charger from Nekteck is rain resistant and shock/dust proof. It is having a flexibility of charging under sunlight as well as you can charge it by plugging it into the wall charger. It has dual USB ports to charge your two devices simultaneously. It is made from a high-quality silicone to protect the solar charger from the rain, dirt and drops/shocks. It comes with a USB or a microUSB cable and a carabiner.

Characteristics of this high capacity portable solar charger for cell phone from Nekteck:

  • It is having over 1000+ recharge lifecycle
  • Portable and compact design with a free hook to hang it in your backpacks when travelling
  • Rain resistant, shock proof and stylish design
  • Having grade A cell and build with a 12000mAh battery capacity, which provides 2.1A  charging output to your connected cell phone
  • LED indicators for showing the status of the battery and the process of charging and discharging
  • Perfect solar charger for long trips, flights, camping or any other outdoor activities
  • Compatible with all types of cell phones
  • 12 months limited period warranty

I hope this comparison and details about solar powered cell phone chargers will lead you to find the best solar charger for your cell phone. The solar chargers for cell phones provide you limitless powers no matter what the circumstances are. They allow you to charge your cell phones even when if it’s dark or cloudy weather.

I hope you like my article on Solar Chargers for Cell Phones. Let me know which solar battery pack you would like to buy for your cell phone. You can also buy solar chargers for cell phones on amazon directly. Please like and share this list so that other people can also find their solar powered cell phone charger. If you are looking for a best portable power pack for iPhone or best battery packs for smartphones, then you may check my other posts also.


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