Opera Mini vs Opera: Check the Difference Between Android Applications


Google Chrome is by far the most used internet browser both in mobile and desktop. I agree it’s clean and comfortable to use. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have other options to choose from.

opera mini vs operaYou have some great options from Opera: Opera Mini and the Opera for Android. There’s a catch though; we human always get confused when we have to pick the best one out of the two. Well, guess what, in this article, I’ll cut through all the fluff and give you my unbiased review on the difference between opera vs opera mini web browser.

So, without wasting any further time let’s see which Opera browser is made for you and will be your next companion.

Opera Mini vs Opera Browser

I’ll divide the review in pointers so that you can read through it swiftly.

Data Compression:

The main difference between opera mini and opera web browser is the data compression. Opera web browser compresses the web pages and makes the non-HTTPs version loads fast whereas, the Opera Mini compresses text, images and the overall page to make it lighter. Due to this, you get faster page load time in the Opera Mini web browser.

Overall Experience:

Opera for Android has good usability as it doesn’t cut out on any data. It loads videos, images and audio files with compressing. On the other hand, the Opera Mini is simple to use a web browser that is made to load pages faster and lacks some features when compared to the Opera for Android.


The Internet is highly volatile and in that, if you want to hide, then you need a VPN. With Opera for Android, you get an inbuilt free and fast VPN service. This feature isn’t available in the Opera Mini browser.


Opera Mini is a newer version of the company and thus comes with a whole bunch of bugs in it. On the flipside, Opera for Android is a highly stable web browser, and you won’t find any probable bugs in it like crashing or restarting.

Night Mode:

Primarily, Opera Mini is made for mobile users, and thus it comes with a night mode which you won’t find on Opera for Android as it’s made for both mobile and desktops.

Third Party Cookies:

Not everyone likes their data to be public, and for that reason, they restrict any website that collects cookies. With Opera for Android, you can block third-party cookies whereas, with Opera Mini, you don’t get any option like this.

Search Engine:

In Opera for Android, you have the ability to set a preferred search engine of your choice. Unfortunately, you don’t have access to this feature in the Opera Mini web browser.

Opera Turbo:

This is an advanced feature which is only present in the Opera for Android and not in Opera Mini. This feature gives the browser a boost to load videos and images fast then normal speed and also saves your data.

Software Size:

Opera for Android has a whole bunch of features when compared to the Opera Mini, and that is the reason the application is heavy in size. So if you have a cell phone with less memory Opera Mini should be the go-to option for you.

Which one is the best?

Both the browsers are pretty impressive and are targeting a different set of audience. Opera Mini is a minified version of the Opera and is made for people having less Internet speed and low RAM. On the other side, if you love to explore more features and doesn’t care about page load speed, then Opera for Android could be the best bet for you.

Final Verdict:
I hope you liked the detailed review of Opera Mini vs Opera for Android. If you still have any doubts regarding both the browser, feel free to leave a comment down below and let us know.


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