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Computers are now an integral part of the human world and have made our lives easier in many places. It made communication easier, entertainment easier, storage easier, brought in a lot of new technology, it even helped humans land on the moon. Computers have and continue to play a vital role in our lives. Since computers are so much integrated into our day to day activities, it is necessary to keep them safe and secured. If someone else has control of your personal computer, then they have access to all your files, money, contacts, pictures, basically everything. There are thousands of kinds of malware out there created and operated by millions of hackers trying to gain access to your computer and thus your data.

This is why computer security is an important thing, and this is where antivirus software such as Avast comes in. Antiviruses are advanced tools that are capable of protecting your personal computers from outside attack. They protect your devices from hackers and malware and keep your data secure. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid. Today we will be talking about Avast antivirus.

Avast is an antivirus software that is widely used by millions of users. It has a free version as well as a paid version. The paid one starts from 59.9$ a year. Once you purchase that you will be given a license key with which you can activate the premium version.

Many a time, people change their computer for an upgrade or your current one dies on you. So an obvious question must arise in your mind at this point, “can I transfer my Avast antivirus to another computer?

The answer is YES. Read below to find out how to transfer the Avast license.

How to Transfer Avast License from One Computer to Another?

If you get a new PC or want to use the Avast license you purchased on a different device, you can do that , and you will get the remaining days of your subscription in the new computer. This is a very simple and straightforward two-step process. Here is how you transfer the Avast license:

Step 1: Uninstall Avast on the old computer

  1. Open the computer where you don’t need the antivirus and head over to “Programs and Features.” You can access this tool by simply searching for it.Programs and Features
  2. Inside the tool find the Avast name and right click on it.
  3. Click on Uninstall/Change and complete the uninstallation process.avast Uninstall
  4. Now open your Avast account on a web browser by going to go to:
  5. Go to “Devices” tab and select your old PC.
  6. Click on the “Settings” button on the top right.avast setting
  7. Click on “Delete from account” and on “OK” to remove Avast license form the old PC.Click on Delete from account

Step 2: Install Avast on the old computer

  1. Open the new computer where you wish to transfer Avast.
  2. Download a new copy of the Avast product installation file from the official links given in their website.
  3. Run the “setup file” and complete the installation of Avast.avast-setup
  4. After the installation procedure, there will be a page called “You are protected.”
  5. Here, click on “I have already bought a subscription.”I have already bought a subscription
  6. Enter your activation code and click on “Continue.”
  7. You have successfully transferred Avast antivirus from one computer to another.

NOTE: This applies only if you have a single PC license of Avast. You don’t need to remove the application if you have a multi PC license.


Having an antivirus such as Avast installed in your computer is a must have for everyone. In this post, we have seen the complete method of transferring Avast from one personal computer to another. Hope this helped you transfer the account smoothly and without any errors. Comment below if you encounter any issues with the transfer.


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