Google Smart Lock VS LastPass: Which is the best for password protection?


The internet is ever evolving and has done so, for the past few decades and at a very fast pace. Now it is used everywhere and on everything. As far as security on the internet is concerned, on most cases, a password is considered as the last line of defense between your data and people trying to get them illegally. A password is a string of text that comprises of alphabets, numbers and alphanumeric characters. The difficulty or security level of a password is judged by how complex it is and how long it is. Some people usually keep their name as the password, and this makes it very easy to crack for hackers and thieves. This is why long, complex passwords must be used to protect accounts and data. You can also use Two-Factor authentication to make the accounts safer. You must also keep different passwords for different services so even if one service is compromised and the password has fallen into the wrong hands, your other accounts will be safe.

lastpass vs google smart lockGoogle Smart Lock vs Lastpass

One problem that arises is that an average internet user has simply too many accounts on too many websites to keep a different password for each and remember each of them. That is simply not possible unless you have superhuman memory power. This is where password managers such as Google Smart Lock or LastPass come into the picture.

Password managers as the name suggests, are software that manages your passwords for you so that you do not have to remember all of them. They store the passwords in an encrypted form on their secure servers and gives you them as and when you need them. These manage autofill the data on the login forms so that it is easier for you. Useful right? Let us introduce you to two of the most used password managers of all time, Google Smart Lock and LastPass. In this article, we will see a comparison between Google Smart Lock vs LastPass to see which one is better and which one you should opt for.

Google Smart Lock (Google Password Manager)

This one is my personal favorite since it is from none other than Google, the tech giant. The enormous amount of trust and rapport that Google has built up over the years should be enough to choose them to safeguard your data.

Features of Google Smart Lock

  • Completely free. No charges at all, just like most Google products.
  • Autofill all your data on login forms.
  • As secure as your Google account is.
  • Data is available on all devices where you have signed in with the same Google account.
  • All data can be accessed from
  • Can also save app logins.
  • Automatically log in you into some apps on your android.


Let us look at the next service in this Google Password Manager vs LastPass comparison article. LastPass is a freemium product created by LogMeIn Ltd which is an American company. LastPass is used by millions of users worldwide and has comparatively more features than Google Smart Lock.

Features of LastPass

  • Even though there is a free version that is pretty good, to enjoy it completely, you need to subscribe to their premium version that starts at 2$.
  • Install a free browser extension or an app, and you are good to go.
  • A master password protects all other passwords. You need to remember this single master password to use LastPass.
  • It also supports multi-factor authentication.
  • Integrated password generator helps you add a complex secure password while creating accounts and remembers it automatically. This generator is also customizable.
  • It is highly secure, and all your passwords are stored in the cloud with AES-256 bit encryption and protected by your master password.
  • Secure notes can be created to save your addresses, credit card information, etc.
  • It can also save important documents, wifi passwords inside the LastPass vault.


This post was about LastPass vs Google Smart Lock, and about which one of the two was better. We have laid out all the points for you, and it is now up to you to decide which one you can trust with all your data and secrets. Personally, I prefer Google smart lock since Google is a company I have loved since forever and I can trust them blindly. Hope this article helped you.


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