How to Sync Calendars Between Two Android Phones – Fix Transfer Issue


With smartphones getting cheaper day by day people are tempted to upgrade their devices every new year. But after they buy a new smartphone not many people know how to transfer their data without losing anything.

transfer calendar to new phoneOne such problem that most Android users face is transferring Calendar to a new phone. If you’re in the same boat and struggling to find a working solution then in this article, I’ll walk you step by step on how to transfer calendar from Android to Android.

Without wasting any further time, let’s learn the methods and solve the problem.

How to Sync Calendars Between Two Android Phones

Method 1: Use Google Account to Sync Calendar from Android to Android

Google is a god served to all the mobile phone users. It saves all your data on the drive for entirely free. You wouldn’t know the worth of this data unless you want to transfer it all back to a new phone. Here’s how you can transfer your calendar from one phone to another with a Google account.

Step 1: Grab your old device and head over to Settings -> Accounts & Sync. Now add your Google account if you haven’t already. Finally turn on sync and allow Google to do the magic for you.

Note: Make sure the “Sync Calendar” option is tick marked.

Step 2: Now take your new device and again go to Settings -> Accounts & Sync. Here, add your Google account (the same one which was in the old device). Start sync and wait for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Finally, open the Calendar app, and all your events and other detailed will directly be imported from the drive.

WARNING: You need an active Internet connection else the above method won’t work.

Method 2: Transfer Calendar Using Manufacturers’ Tool

Smartphone companies are becoming super active regarding their ecosystem. Every company is launching their own system UI. Not only that, but some have also started their apps as well. Companies like Samsung, Sony & Lenovo have their own data transfer apps.

For this example, we’ll use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer calendar from a Oneplus phone to a Samsung device.

Step 1: First off you need to install Samsung Smart Switch from Google Play Store or Samsung store on both the Android device.

Step 2: Next up, run the Smart Switch app on your old phone (Oneplus) and select Samsung as a receiving device. Once done, tap on “Connect.” Now at the bottom click on the “Send” button.

Step 3: On your new phone (Samsung) receive the incoming request from Oneplus by clicking on the “Receive” button.

Within minutes all your data will be transferred smoothly from one phone to another.

How to Sync Two Google Calendar?

If you and your partner want to keep track of same events and dates you need to sync two Google Calendar so that you both don’t miss out on any important events.

Here’s how to do it in an easy to understand format:

Step 1: Go to Google Calendar on the desktop.

Step 2: Sign in to your existing account and if you don’t have an account yet, sign up for a new account.

Step 3: Once done, head over to the Settings tab located at the top of the screen and select the Calendar tab.

Step 4: Now you’ll find an option to “Share” your calendar with other people. Click on it and generate a unique link.

Step 5: Finally, here you have two options, either enter your partner’s email address and give them the calendar access or share the unique link with them which you just generated.

Bingo! You’re done. Now you and your partner can be on the same track.


Transferring the calendar to a new phone is a super easy process if you follow the methods discussed above. If you still face any difficulties and have further doubts, please feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know.



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