Bluestacks vs Andy: Which is Best Android Emulator?


Android as an operating system has become widely popular and is used by billions of people on their smartphones. It is coming pre-installed on a large number of devices and is thus quite famous. It is feature filled and makes the day to day activities of people easier and better. Combined with good hardware, it makes communication faster, entertainment easier and brings information at your fingertips. All in all, Android has made a revolution in technology. Currently, the OS is available only on the smartphones and in some wearable gadgets. What if someone wanted to access the Android operating system on a PC? It is possible, this is where Android emulators come in.

better than bluestacksWhat Are Android Emulators?

Simply speaking, emulators are software that emulates an Android operating system. Broadly speaking, emulators are virtual machines that enable users to access a virtual Android environment on another operating system such as Windows or Ubuntu. This software is a blessing for two kinds of people:

  • Users: Those users that do not own a good Android device can make use of emulators to play high-end games that require a lot of processing power. Users can also use emulators to use applications that are not compatible with the Android device they are using.
  • Developers:  Developers who wish to test their apps on different devices can simply run them on emulators. This way they don;’t need to own several devices to test their app for compatibility on different ROMs.

In this article, we are going to discuss two famous Android emulators, Andy and s. We will discuss at length on the topic Andy vs Bluestacks to see which one is the king of emulators.

Andy vs Bluestacks: Which is Best Android Emulator?

Now let us come to the main part of this article. Which Android emulator should you go for? Andy Or Bluestacks. We will answer that question by going deep into both of these emulators. We will discuss both of them, and then you can decide whether Andy is better than Bluestacks.


Bluestacks is the first name that comes into my mind when someone asks about an Android emulator. This is simply because Bluestacks was one of the earliest Android emulators and has gained a lot of popularity back in the days. It is owned and developed by an American company having their headquarters in California. After several updates, it is still one of the best and has millions of users. Features of Bluestacks

  • The latest version, Bluestacks 3N runs on Android 7.1.2, Nougat. It is the first and only Android emulator running on Nougat.
  • Almost all the games and the apps are compatible with this version of Bluestacks.
  • Games can be played in the high definition in your monitor screens. Bluestacks now uses patented Hyper-G graphics APIs to enhance the gaming performance and visual quality.
  • Bluestacks has its app store called the app centre. This has hundreds of thousands of apps waiting to be installed.
  • In the Bluestacks Gift Center, you can find special items related to any games such as coins, skins, etc. You won’t be getting these if you played these games on a smartphone.
  • BlueStacks Friends is an app they have introduced that lets users communicate with others users on BlueStacks over chat. This messaging app helps in building gaming communities and building relationships, much similar to discord.
  • The Multi-Instance Function is a feature that enables users to create clones of applications. This means that you can use two accounts of Whatsapp, a clash of clans etc at the same time in the same google account.


Now let us get to the “Andy” part of this Bluestacks vs Andy comparison. Similar to Bluestacks it is also feature filled and gives the former a tough competition. It is also owned and operated by a company in the silicon valley and has a good number of users.

Features of Andy

  • It is completely free, for normal users. It does show ads to make money. There is also an ad-free enterprise version to be used by developers, but that is irrelevant to our Bluestacks vs Andy comparison article.
  • Clean and easy UI.
  • With the Andy Remote Control app that can be installed on your Android smartphone, you can use your phone as a controller to play your games. This way you can make use of your phone’s gyroscopes and touch screen for better gameplay.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.

Conclusion On Andy or Bluestacks

In this post, we have seen the difference between two of the best Android emulators, Andy and Bluestacks. Hope we helped you solve your doubt. Personally, I think Andy is better than Bluestacks, but it is entirely your choice. You can now choose the one you like and use all the Android apps in your PC as you wish.


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