10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts for 2016


10 Most Unique Christmas GiftsChristmas is almost here!

Yes, the Christmas is almost here, and you are happy to celebrate it with your families and friends, right? But have you any idea what will you gift them on this holy occasion? No? Well, I would suggest you should give them a gift which they remember for a long time. If you are still wondering of choosing the best Christmas Gift, then check this blog on “10 Best Unique Christmas Gifts” of all time.

1. Live Video Camera Drone

DJI Live Video Camera Drone

Yes, I am talking about a camera drone. Surprise your child with a live drone camera. With this most famous drone with a camera from DJI, he can do air surveillance anywhere indoor or outdoor. It is the bestseller on Amazon in Quadcopter Camera Mounts category.

This drone with a camera will let you see everything that it captures through the live feed in your smartphone or PC.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Best Christmas gift for kids
  • Rechargeable and durable

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2. FlashForge 3D Printer

FlashForge 3d Printer

Lover of time travel movies? Or want a gift for someone who loves them? Then buy this FlashForge 3D Printer which will bring some life into the picture they want to memories in prints. The third-dimensional technology will bring the future to them and let them live their dreams.

  • Dual Extruder
  • Flow rate of approx. 24 copies per hour
  • Comes in a wooden frame
  • A power supply, USB cable, bolts, feet, and hex wrench included
  • 3D printer to relive all the favorite memories
  • Best Christmas gift for everyone

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3. Google Home WiFi System

Google Home WiFi System

You will think this is not a unique Christmas gift as it is a home WiFi system. But when you get details about it, I am sure you will say, ‘OMG, it’s a unique gift!” The Google WiFi system is not only a Wireless network system, but it is a complete replacement of the router system in your home or office.

We all know that we have to set up a router and modem connection to access the WiFi in our home and office, but it has certain limitations, and we have to be in the coverage area to use the facility. But with Google WiFi, this frustrating thing is gone. Now you can setup a seamless WiFi network in your home or office without setting up any router connection.

  • It is simple to get and easy to access
  • It eliminates dead zones and buffering
  • You will always get clearest and fastest channels all the time with its network assist technology
  • Can be used anywhere in your home or office, no wiring setup required
  • A single WiFi point covers up to 1500 Sq. Ft. area which is perfect for most of the home and offices, you can even use pack of three WiFi points or more as per your needs
  • Fantastic support from Google and comes with one-year warranty

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4. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

If you want to gift something unique Christmas gift to your child which helps him to learn also, then the LEGO chain reaction craft kit from Klutz is the best option. In this crafting kit, one thing leads to another which helps to pile different things like sending the gum wrapper directly to the dustbin, delivering a message, ‘Oh Yeah,’ ringing a bell, amusing your dog, etc. It is a bestseller on Amazon in Children’s Physics Books.

  • Your kid can build ten amazing moving machines
  • Comes with an eighty-page instruction book with crystal-clear instructions
  • It includes over thirty LEGO elements, six plastic balls, paper ramps, string, and other helpful components
  • For the kids having age above eight
  • Best unique Christmas gift for kids

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5. Felted Wool Stones

Felted Wool Stones

If your loved ones are an outdoorsy type and if they look longingly outside when they stuck indoors, then you can give them a feeling of outside environments even when they indoors. The Felted Wool Stones are not real stones, but they look like an actual stone. This will be surely a unique Christmas gift, and your loved ones will never get tired to describe their happy feeling.

  • Crafted from 100% carded wool
  • Comfortable and soft stone furniture for home or office
  • Soft pillows and comfortable to sit
  • Perfect for kids and outdoorsy
  • gives natural look feeling of outdoors

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6. RoomMates Giant Wall Decals

RoomMates Giant Wall Decals

If you got wonder by the modern and beautiful shelves at your friend or relative’s home and wanted such attractive item in your home too, then buy this non sticky and repositionable giant wall decal. This low weight and high-quality decals are stylish and innovative. It is perfect Christmas gift for the art lover and home decorators.

  • Birch Trees Giant Wall Decals
  • Easy to apply
  • Stylish and affordable
  • Low weight
  • Ensured satisfaction
  • Can be used with other decals too

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7. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

If you know someone who loves to use decorative trays, then this wood grain ultrasonic aroma cool mist humidifier from VicTsing is the perfect Christmas gift this year. It is ideal for the home, office, yoga room, study room, bedroom, hotel room, etc. It creates a calm, relaxing, and security environment in the surroundings with an auto shut-off function. It is the bestseller on Amazon in decorative trays category.

  • Unique design with wood grain finish
  • Four timer modes; one hour, three hours, six hours, and continuous
  • Two choices for cold mist; weak and strong
  • Seven different colored LED lights
  • Easy to take off cap helps for an easy operation

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8. Motion Candy Dispenser

Motion Candy Dispenser

I just love candies, and I think you also love it. Then why wait? Bring this motion candy dispenser and have your own candy. This is a perfect Christmas gift for the grandparents who want to keep the sweets with them all the time to give their grandkids a lovely bite.

  • Distributes candies in equal proportion
  • Touchless operation avoids germ transfer
  • Keeps your hands-free
  • No one can touch your candies before you eat them
  • A perfect and unique Christmas gift

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9. Dancing Water Speakers

Dancing Water Speakers

If you want to gift something unique to dance or music lover, then go for the dancing water speakers to shower your love. It is a complete merger of music, lights, and water which come together for creating magic for both the eyes and ears.

  • A new show every time music is played on the speakers
  • 4th generation water speakers
  • Amazing dancing LED lights combination with sound
  • An awesome Christmas gift for the music and dance lovers
  • Fantastic eye and ear view and hearing experience
  • Affodrable, portable, and durable

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10. Clocky Alarm Clock Runs Away to Get You Up

Clocky Alarm Clock Runs Away to Get You Up

If your loved ones sleep a bit too much or love the snooze button more than the stop button, then this clocky alarm clock is the most suitable gift for them. This running away clock roll off from the nightstand and run all over in the room! It makes its best to make you catch it. And by the time you catch it, you all waken up! What a wonderful idea? Isn’t it?

  • Comes in an eye-catching Raspberry color
  • You can set options to snooze once or set it to run away when the alarm sounds
  • It has a flashing backlight
  • Random beeping pattern of the sound makes it more helpful to wake up the day sleepers

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Purchase any product from the above list according to your budget and requirements and gift them to your loved ones. This Christmas make them happy, and you will also feel happy too by seeing them delighted with the unique Christmas gifts! Tell me which gift will you buy for your loved ones this Christmas in the comment section below.