Best Heavy Duty Jump Starter For Semi Truck –2022 Buyer’s Guide


Best Jump Starter For Semi TruckIf you are a professional driver, there are times when you need to drive during the worst conditions, such as heavy snow falling, cold rain showers and even nights. You may take a break during times like these, and there is no assurance of the vehicle re-starting again due to overload and sudden stop. That is when you need the best heavy duty jump starter.

Best Heavy Duty Jump Starter For Semi Truck

Listed below are the top five best jump starters for semi-trucks.

1. AVAPOW Car Jump Starter

AVAPOW Car Jump StarterIt is strongly built and a well thought out product.


  • It provides up to 4000 peak current, 27800mAh capacity and can quickly start all 12V cars, motorcycles, ATV, UTV, lawnmowers, snowmobiles.
  • It comes with an intelligent protection system and has advanced safety protection technology to avoid overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, overcharges, over-discharge.
  • It has a high capacity of 27800mAh and has a charging speed 75% faster than ordinary mobile power. 
  • It has built-in three working modes, which can be used as an emergency tool.


2. NOCO Boost Plus Jump Starter

NOCO Boost Plus Jump StarterThis should be in everyone’s roadside emergency kit. 


  • It can work till 20 jumps per charge; it is incredibly light and has a built-in flashlight and phone charger.
  • It comes with an LED flashlight built into the unit, a USB charger, and a micro-USB charging outlet.
  • It is quite a compact yet powerful jump starter that works at 1000 amps.
  • It can connect safely to any 12-volt connection and is easy to use and effective.


3. NOCO Boost Pro Jump Starter

NOCO Boost Pro Jump StarterThis works excellent till the very end 


  • It can connect safely to all 12-volt connections and comes with a 500 lumen LED light with various settings.
  • It is pretty compact but a potent jump starter that can go up to 4000 amps.
  • It renders a solid performance and has a handy LED display system useful for dark roads.
  • It has a built-in phone charger, flashlight, and emergency strobe, for emergency purposes.


4. Truck PAC Jump Starter

Truck PAC Jump StarterThis one is worth your money. 


  • The whole pack includes hot jaw industrial clamps and comes with a 60 feet steel cable rope. 
  • This jump starter is pretty powerful and manages to output 3000 amps, which is enough to start most batteries. 
  • It is a versatile machine that switches quickly from 12v to 24v with a mere flip.
  • It has a continuous power of 1500v amps, which is impressive and can reach its peak at 3000v vamps.


5. Schumacher DSR Pro Jump Starter

Schumacher DSR Pro Jump StarterThis one is an excellent jump starter pack. 


  • It is a heavy-duty charger with a proven track record and 4400 peak amperage.
  • It has 750/475 Cranking Amps and has an easy, simple on and off switch on the front. 
  • It can handle gas and diesel engines, automatically monitoring its charge levels.
  • It does not overcharge its battery and damage the safety net.


My choice from the lot is the AVAPOW Car Jump Starter. It is affordable and exceptionally durable, exactly how you need it during emergency times.



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