Best H11 Halogen LED Headlight Bulbs of 2018


The most important part of our car is the h11 led bulb which is responsible for clear vision in the night. Getting the best h11 headlight bulbs is a smart investment and also a great add-on to give your auto a stylish look. To help you find the brightest h11 bulb, we have created the list of h11 led bulb and h11 hid bulb available in the market.

Best H11 Halogen LED Headlight Bulbs

Best H11 Headlight Bulbs

SNGL Super Bright LEDGet clear bright light with no dark spots with SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Bulbs. These bright LED bulbs are manufactured using intelligent cooling system Patented Technology that ensures 50,000 hr life.

SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Bulbs which comes with these following features:

  • No short scattered beams, or dark spots, only clear Crystal clear 6000K white light.
  • The anti-glare feature which won’t blind oncoming drivers.
  • Intelligent cooling system that ensures 50,000 hr life of the LED headlight bulbs
  • Dual IC Control driver and turbo cool fan to lengthen the life of h11 led bulb.
  • Cold Pressed 6063 Aluminum Heat Sink for ultimate heat conductive efficiency.
  • Tube Built-in CanBUS-Ready bulbs that can easily work with any vehicle CPU.
  • SNGL offers two years of warranty and lifetime support to customers.


OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight KitOPT7 Fluxbeam is market’s best h11 bulb with an Advanced Bright LED Board that is crafted with distinct Arc-Beam Lens for high-density light pattern with guaranteed no dark spots. The company also offers two years limited warranty covering all FluxBeam components.

OPT7 Fluxbeam Clear Arc-Beam Headlight Bulbs comes with these following features:

  • Get brightest h11 bulb for clear 6000K Cool White light @ 3,500Lms without dark spots.
  • FluxBeam LED bulbs are created using CREE MK-R LED and Arc-Beam technology, so you get power light on the road.
  • Best h11 headlight bulbs which will last over 50,000 hours.
  • Solid aluminum builds with enhanced cooling by RedLine driver and TurboCool fan that helps LED bulb last longer.
  • Easy to install and will work with any vehicle CPU.
  • OPT7 Fluxbeam headlight bulbs comes with 2-years warranty and lifetime support from CA-based OPT7 Lighting


SYLVANIA H11 SilverStarGet SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe halogen bulbs that emit the whitest light and look stylish on the car. This high performance brightest h11 bulb is powered by a proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology.

SYLVANIA H11 Silver High-Performance Headlight Bulb comes with these following features:

  • Get the crisp white light for clear vision in the night and in a hazy environment.
  • Give a new feel, attitude and look with the h11 hid bulb.
  • Made from Proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology.
  • Smart alternative and pocket-friendly compared to another regular headlight bulbs.
  • With cobalt blue coating for finest light transmission and color.
  • For jewel-like appearance, there is mirror top alloy layer on the h11 hid bulb.


Philips H11 CrystalVisionPhilips CrystalVision Ultra are designed for vehicles for clear white light. This is the best h11 headlight bulbs you can find in the market which give 4000K light on the road at night and fashions a cool blue effect in the headlight in the daytime.

Philips H11 CrystalVision Headlight Bulb comes with these following features:

  • Philips CrystalVision h11 led bulb headlight bulbs for bright white Xenon look and 4000K crisp white light on the road
  • The bulb is covered with a unique blue cap that creates a blue effect in the headlamp’s reflector during the daytime.
  • Check for the original equipment quality seal.
  • Every Philips upgrade headlights are street-legal
  • Make sure to replace the pair for the symmetric light beam.
  • Don’t touch the glass while installing the bulb. Use gloves or paper towel while installing.


80W All-in-One 360Stark 80W All-in-One 360° comes with COB Chip that promises to give bright beam light which doesn’t scatter and won’t have dark spots. With easy installation kit, it will only take 20 minutes to fix it your vehicle.

Stark 80W All-in-One 360° LED Kit comes with these following features:

  • Plug and play design make this h11 led bulb easy to install in max 20 minutes.
  • Get crisp white brightness of 6000K and 8,000 lumen.
  • 360° Beam with no dark spot for perfect night vision on the road.
  • Comes with a lifespan of over 30,000 hrs.
  • Low maintenance LED with two years’ warranty.


JDM ASTAR G1 8000JDM ASTAR G1 8000 Lumens deliver crisp, white light with a bluish tinge that can easily cut the darkness on backroads. Easy to install, this is the brightest h11 bulb you can pick for your vehicle.

JDM ASTAR G1 8000 Lumens H11 H8 COB LED Xenon White Headlights comes with these following features:

  • Arrives in a set of two bulbs.
  • JDM ASTAR brings high power COB LED that reflects bright white light.
  • The lighting output is 4000 lumens for each bulb.
  • Can easily fit in H11, H8, H9.
  • The h11 led bulb are waterproof and comes with one year warranty against manufacturer defect or item damaged during the shipment of the product.
  • This is a one style bulb with no additional driver needed.
  • Best suitable for Headlight, Fog Light, or DRL.


Alla Lighting Extremely SuperAlla Lighting is offering brightest h11 bulb that is made with authentic high power CSP chips and eccentric heat sink design to deliver high illuminating light for longer time. Each bulb light output will be up to 4000 lumens in perfect conditions.

Alla Lighting Super Bright High Power CSP Chipset H11 H8 H9 H11LL H8LL LED Headlight Bulbs comes with these following features:

  • Get the set of two 6500K White light led bulb with featuring 8000 lumens with guaranteed no dark spots.
  • Comes with premium quality CSP chips and cooper heat sink design for a longer lifespan of the bulb.
  • Alla Lighting h11 hid bulb is a perfect replacement for the halogen headlamp.
  • The bulbs are easy to install if done according to the manual given with the pack.
  • The company offers free one year warranty, full refund within 30 days if not satisfies with product and lifetime support to the customer.


Set of 2 OsramGet 100% authentic brand new Osram Long Life Halogen H11 Headlight Bulbs for long distance light on the backroads.

Osram / Sylvania Long Life Halogen H11 Headlight Bulbs comes with these following features:

  • Genuine Osram / Sylvania: 64211L H11 Halogen Long Life Headlight Bulbs.
  • The h11 hid bulb specifications are: 12V / 55W / PGJ19-2 / UV Filter.
  • Best h11 headlight bulbs for cars like Audi, Acura, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Nissan, Toyota, Porsche, and Volkswagen Volvo
  • This product is made in Germany.


So, next time when you search for best h11 headlight bulb, take a chance to read on the different options we have noted down for you. The list includes brightest h11 bulb that will serve the Automotive Purpose, save time and money for sure.



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