Best Shocks For Lowered Trucks – 5 Best Shock Absorber of 2021


Best Shocks For Lowered TrucksRiding a truck seems joyful and cool until you need the right amount of inbuilt force during demanding situations. A qualitative shock absorber will provide you with extreme stability, control, and durability. Look for shocks that adjust automatically in the toughest driving conditions giving you a fade-free performance.

Best Shocks For Lowered Trucks

Read this article for the five best shocks that we recommend for lower trucks.

1. KYB MonoMax Gas Shock

KYB MonoMax Gas ShockThis shock is a perfect seal in any condition. 


  • It gives you a maximum performance upgrade with up to 40% more damping performance. 
  • It has a truck monotube design and comes with a zinc-coated, stainless steel piston ring. 
  • It has a rubber boot that keeps the shaft protected and removes dirt and debris.
  • MonoMax shocks are perfect for handling larger tires and wheels.


2. Gabriel Hijacker Shock Absorber

Gabriel Hijacker Shock AbsorberThis is a leak-proof piston seal that gives you an extended product life


  • It comes with original air-adjustable shocks designed to provide customizable performance and support. 
  • These shockers can be adjusted and readjusted to maintain proper ride height and handle towing needs.
  • This shocker comes with chrome-plated piston rod construction and deluxe wiper seals that give optimum sealing. 
  • It can help improve handling and can reduce the risk of bottoming out.


3. Belltech Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber

Belltech Nitro Drop 2 Shock AbsorberThis shock is sure to give you a unique shock tuning for your lowered trucks.


  • It comes with a cavitation-free twin-tube design that allows the elimination of the performance hit.
  • It is made from high-quality materials and has rugged construction ensuring a lifelong service.
  • It prevents air from decreasing the shock absorber’s effectiveness. 
  • It comes with metal dust boots and OE-style rubber bushings, which offer maximum durability.


4. Belltech 2212FF Shock Absorber

Belltech 2212FF Shock AbsorberIt is precisely engineered for a premium ride quality for today’s lowered trucks and SUVs.


  • It is tuned with low-speed compression, it is easy to control the pitch, roll, and dive. 
  • It comes with the “Progressive” rebound tuning that is a firm but smooth ride.
  • It has an oversized damper construction that offers precisely-tuned, low-speed compression and rebound.
  • It is coated with PTFE bushings enhancing durability by eliminating metal-on-metal contact friction.


5. ACDelco Shock For Lowered Truck

ACDelco Shock For Lowered TruckIf you are looking for the perfect replacement of shocks, struts, and other suspension components, then ACDelco is what you need. 


  • It has high-quality strut rods built of high carbon steel, straightened, micro-finish ground, quality chrome plated. 
  • It features a micro-finished pressure tube bore that offers you a smooth operating surface. 
  • It contains high-performance hydraulic oil that holds friction modifiers and anti-foaming agents. 
  • It comes with powered metal pistons giving you a high precision tolerance for crisp blow-off waving.


My pick from all of the shocks is the KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock. It works best for heavy trucks – making it easy to control and experience a smooth run. 



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