Best Nitrous Oxide Car Kit – Top 5 Best Nitrous Oxide Kit of 2021


Best Nitrous Oxide Car KitHey there, glad to have you back. It feels good to have someone who thinks investing in a Nitrous oxide kit is much better than spending thousands on a turbo system. But before you buy one, make sure to check the engine’s capability to handle the increased horsepower and many other things. Here in this review post, we have made that part easy for you.

Best Nitrous Oxide Car Kit

Read this whole bog to know the best five of the kits that are available in the market.

1. ZEX Nitrous Oxide Car Kit

ZEX Nitrous Oxide Car KitAn affordable value-adding kit. 


  • It has active fuel control monitors that bottle pressure for maximum engine safety and power. 
  • It readily accepts all kinds of original accessories such as purge kits and remote bottle openers. 
  • It is effective in improvising fuel atomization and mixture distribution. 
  • Using this kit won’t affect fuel economy during the regular driving operation of the vehicle.


2. Nitrous Express Oxide Car Kit

Nitrous Express Oxide Car KitThis one is a powerful nitrous kit for your cars. 


  • It has special quality solenoids that are capable of producing 150 horsepower to the wheels.
  • This powerful kit fits all kinds of electronic fuel-injected vehicles with a single throttle body.
  • It comes with a hassle-free installation, powerful performance, maximum durability, and excellent value.
  • It includes jetting for 35 Horsepower, 50 Horsepower, and 75 Horsepower with an extra-long braided stainless feed line.


3. NOS Powershot Nitrous System Kit

NOS Powershot Nitrous System KitAn excellent way to increase the horsepower of your engine


  • It has a thin, 1/2 inch injector plate that fits between the intake and carburetor.
  • It has highly accurate spray bars that create a smooth rush of extra power on demand. 
  • This kit is easy to install and is factory-preset to provide 125 hp for V8 applications or 90 hp for V6s.
  • Powershot Nitrous system kit comes with a 12 feet of -4 AN stainless braided supply line.


4. Nitrous Express HP 4-BBL Oxide Car Kit

Nitrous Express HP 4-BBL Oxide Car KitThis kit is perfect for an entry-level nitrous system for a budget-minded sports person.


  • This kit has lightning solenoids, a heavy-duty 40 Amp relay, stainless bottle brackets, and an extra-long supply line.
  • It is built using the most advanced technology using the conventional spray barless design.
  • This professional kit gives you superior distribution and outstanding atomization.
  • It comes with no spray bars that sag, split, block airflow, or damage the automotive.


5. Nitrous Express Proton Plus Nitrous System

Nitrous Express Proton Plus Nitrous SystemThe perfect combination of durability, performance, and value in a kit. 


  • It has a black anodized aluminum housing that pulls heat away from the solenoids with maximum efficiency. 
  • You do not need to worry about the capacity as this kit produces 150 horsepower to the wheels.
  • It is highly durable and is compatible with progressive nitrous controllers. 
  • The Proton Plus system bottle comes with a lightning 45 bottle valve.


My pick from all the five oxide kits is the ZEX Nitrous 82357 Safe Shot Nitrous System. It is eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly with all the features that it includes.



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