Best Coil Springs For Jeep TJ – 5 Best Coil Springs of 2021


Best Coil Springs For Jeep TJHey there! Are you looking for the best coil springs for your Jeep TJ? Let me tell you that you have ended on the best article. We have covered the best coil springs available in the market.

Best Coil Springs For Jeep TJ

Check out the whole post to know in detail about each coil spring.

1. Rubicon Express Coil Spring for Jeep TJ

Rubicon Express Coil Spring for Jeep TJThe highest quality coil spring at the best price.


  • These coils are designed to provide the best in ride quality without sacrificing durability and load capacity.
  • It is coated with powdered silver and is made with the most advanced processes in the industry. 
  • Its life height is 7.5 inches, and the spring rate it has to offer is 213lbs per inch.
  • It delivers impressive off-road performance and value without having to change driveshafts, modify exhaust or brake lines.


2. Rough Country Coil Spring for Jeep TJ

Rough Country Coil Spring for Jeep TJGet the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style for your Jeeps.


  • It gives you an unmatched ground clearance to control on and off-road obstacles.
  • You can run up to 33-inch tires quickly and easily with the 2.5-inch coil spring suspension lift.
  • It is easy to install lift with 100% bolt-on installation with no cutting or drilling needed.
  • It is the best compatible with the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ 6CY and has a lifetime warranty.


3. ARB 2942 Old Man Emu Coil Spring

ARB 29 42 Old Man Emu Coil SpringAchieve the finest tuning for your vehicle suspension system.


  • It is designed to provide a 2.5” suspension lift and improved handling while supporting the extra load.
  • It gives you the safest and most controlled handling combined with the most comfortable ride. 
  • It is an OME coil spring that handles all of the additional weight you pack into your jeep TJ.
  • It is scragged before and after shot peening that is effective in preventing sagging.


4. New Rockjock Lift Coil Springs for Jeep TJ

New Rockjock Lift Coil Springs for Jeep TJThe perfect combination of rates and quality coil springs.


  • It is an increased-rate rear spring that gives improved ride and vehicle height control when loaded.
  • It provides the best comfortable ride and excellent performance off-road.
  • This set of New Rock Jock coil springs come with front and rear heavy-duty springs.
  • It is specifically designed to provide a 4” lift and a powder-coated finish.


5. Nexus Suspension Coil Spring for Jeep TJ

Nexus Suspension Coil Spring for Jeep TJGet the same high-quality performance on every drive.


  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion and can hold up under any weather conditions.
  • It is a stylish 4-inch lift and gives you more ground clearance for off-roading.
  • It is shot peened, which ensures that you do not experience a saggy or a fatiguing ride.
  • It delivers consistent performance in any condition and supports any suspension movement.


After a lot of research, my choice is the Rubicon Express Coil Spring. It is one of the highest quality coil springs that is available in the market right now. It is made of advanced technology and surpasses all the other conventional coil springs.



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