Best 883 To 1200 Conversion Kit – 3 Best Conversion Kit of 2021


Best 883 To 1200 Conversion KitOwning a Harley is not just limited to its exterior looks but also maintaining its inner performance. In order to achieve the fastest torque, horsepower, and speed, you need the right conversion kit to switch its 883 cc engine to a 1200 cc engine.

Best 883 To 1200 Conversion Kit

Here in this article, I have a review of the top three best conversion kits available on the internet.

1. V-Twin 883cc-to-1200cc Conversion Kit 

V-Twin 883cc-to-1200cc Conversion KitAlter your Harley’s personality. 


  • It comes with two silver finished cylinders with a milled edge fin.
  • It delivers a solid 20 more hp and torque with a performance exhaust and tune. 
  • It gives higher compression, and better breathing intake, and throttle body.
  • It has XL1200 cylinder heads, XL1200 cylinders, XL1200 pistons and rings, and a heavy-duty clutch spring, top-end gasket kit.


2. S&S Conversion Kit for Harley Davidson

S&S Conversion Kit for Harley DavidsonFor an enhanced torque and horsepower. 


  • This kit has the largest bore of 3.927 inches that is highly reliable to use in a cylinder.
  • It is built with higher quality material to survive tighter tolerances and retain massive power.
  • It extensively increases displacement from 883cc to 1200cc, which means you get high horsepower. 
  • It has a powder coat finish match factory finish, giving your Harley bike a “sleeper” advantage.


3. Wiseco 883cc-to-1200cc Conversion Kit

Wiseco 883cc-to-1200cc Conversion KitIt makes your bike race-ready! 


  • It is manufactured with extensive engineering that gives maximum horsepower and torque for all kinds of bikes.
  • It is built with high-silicon aluminum alloy for maximum strength and dependability in the longer run. 
  • It is durable, and withstands any hazards, and renders the high-performance that your beast requires. 
  • It has smooth edges for improved combustion flow that reduces friction and provides scuff resistance.


My pick from the lot for you is the V-Twin Manufacturing 883 to 1200 Conversion Kit. It needs no case matching for installation and works at its best with stock mufflers. 



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