Best Half Helmet No Mushroom – Safety First


If you are looking for a half helmet without mushrooms, that means you’re concerned about safety and appearance. Many people purchase a half helmet because they desire a lighter helmet with airflows. Many people experience suffocation when wearing full-face helmets.

Best Half Helmet No Mushroom

In this article, I have shared the five best half helmet no mushrooms that protect your head, fit comfortably, and provide a decent look.

1. Vega Half Size Warrior Helmet

Vega Half Size Warrior HelmetValue for money.


  • The helmet, designed for men and women, comes in practically every size.
  • It has an adjustable dial fit system on the backside, so you have a perfect fit on your head.
  • Thick and high-density EPS material gives you super comfort, effectively protects your head and absorbs the impact.
  • In the event of an accident, a quick-release strap makes it easy to remove the helmet from your head quickly.


2. ILM Half Helmet

ILM Half HelmetAffordable half-helmet.


  • ILM uses high-quality ABS material for construction to provide substantial protection and comfort to your head.
  • Its accreditation to DOT safety requirements gives a sense of security on the road.
  • Thanks to the constant airflow circulating inside the helmet, the rider will have a relaxed and comfortable experience.
  • The helmet comes with a retractable and a replaceable sun visor that protects your eyes from sun, dust and insects.


3. GLX Unisex Adult Half Helmet

GLX Unisex Adult Half HelmetBest DOT approved half-helmet.


  • This GLX helmet provides a fashionable appearance and comprehensive protection and comfort.
  • The outer shell can withstand casualty and protect your head. The polyester fabric used in this helmet gives comfort.
  • This helmet’s EPS lining does an excellent job of absorbing high impact to keep you safe.
  • Its premium synthetic leather on the bottom side of the liner makes this helmet durable, comfortable and stylish.


4. Daytona Half Skull Cap Helmet

Daytona Half Skull Cap HelmetStylish looking half helmet.


  • This helmet has passed the DOT FMVSS 218 safety standard and is the smallest, low profile half helmet globally.
  • The one unique feature of this helmet is no hair pulling strap system.
  • The helmet incorporates a quick-release strap mechanism, which is uncommon in low-profile half helmets.
  • The designs on the helmet were custom developed and are stunning. There’s a wide range of designs available with this helmet.


5. LS2 Rebellion Half Helmet

LS2 Rebellion Half HelmetComfortable half helmet with glasses.


  • This helmet has a fantastic design, shell, visors, ventilation, and liner, making it one of the best half helmets.
  • The material used for its construction is Kinetic Polymer Allow which makes this helmet lightweight.
  • Carved lines run around the outside of the shell to minimise external wind force at high speeds, improving helmet stability.
  • A metal-to-metal connection with a release strap is easy to attach and disassemble.


After a lot of research, my choice is the vega half-size warrior helmet. It comes with a universal design and usability and offers excellent comfort and protection. Furthermore, it meets the DOT safety standards.



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