Best Weight Distribution Hitch Systems Reviews


The weight distribution hitch system makes towing easier. They are not available many on the market. But the tool is equally important as it helps to confirm a smooth and level ride. I would like to discuss few of the available weight distribution hitch system that is best both in quality and design. So here are the reviews of popular weight distribution hitch products.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch Systems Reviews

Best Weight Distribution Hitch 

Eaz-Lift 48054The Eaz-Lift Weight distributing hitch has 1,400 lb maximum tongue weight and 14,000 lb maximum gross weight rating.

  • It includes bolt together adjustable shank. The clip and bolt packages are used for adjustable hitches.
  • It has positive latching action for operation.
  • All the necessary parts like hook-up, spring bars, brackets, chains, shank and hitch pin and bolt package for adjustable hitches are included in it.
  • It provides trailers with a smoother ride.

Equal-i-zer 90001000The Equal-i-zer Equalizer Hitch has 10K Equalizer Adj Hitch.

  • No hitch ball is included in it.
  • It has built-in 4-point sway control that provides superior performance.
  • There is 2” square hitch bar that offers a 3”drop, 7” rise and 12” length.
  • Up to 6”tall, the sway control brackets can fit frames.
  • It combines weight distribution and sways control in one simple design.

Andersen Mfg 3350Anderson has unparalleled Sway Control that self-adjusts. It combines modern materials, technology, and innovation. On the road, it is the simplest, silent and most progressive weight distribution hitch.

  • It includes 2-5/16” ball and universal frame brackets.
  • It has one pin removal from the tow vehicle and grease free system.
  • Without weight distribution, it doubles as standard ball mount for towing.
  • It gives the trailer owners the best anti-sway and anti-bounce.
  • The true motion-dampening system is around it.

Andersen 3380Andersen weight distribution system has universal frame brackets and unparalleled sway control that self-adjusts. You won’t even know its presence as it is so quiet.

  • It weighs under 60 lbs and easy to install.
  • No pry bars are needed.
  • Bounce gets drastically reduced by the patented true motion dampening system.
  • The ball and coupler move as one in it.
  • It is the grease free system.
  • It has one pin removal from the tow vehicle.

CURT 13170CURT Class 3 Trailer Hitch ball and ball mount are sold separately. It never exceeds vehicle weight rating.

  • To original purchaser, it has limited lifetime warranty.
  • The weights of Gross Trailer and Tongue vary by application.
  • It exceeds V-5 standards and has mechanical welding for greater strength.
  • The coat finishes fight rust.

Blue Ox BXW0750Blue Ox weight distribution hitch has spring steel construction for a softer and smoother ride.

  • It has pre-adjusted hitch head. Fine-tuning is not necessary for it.
  • Noise is not produced.
  • Without disconnecting backup is produced.
  • It has sway prevention.
  • For stability and control, a weight distribution hitch distributes weight over the axles of the tow vehicle.

The weight distribution hitch is a necessary Automotive Tool for larger loads. Before choosing it you have to keep the track of the design details of different working parts. Make sure that to handle the load the system has the right rating. The right weight distribution hitch is one that balance size and weight. In my opinion, the weight distribution hitch reviews of CURT Loaded Ball Mount are good in number. Maybe you will find that it includes all the necessary features.  



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