Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviews of 2018 – 2019


Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviews

In today’s automotive world, the pickup trucks play an important role to supply the demands of the job sites, offices, as well as to the customer homes. Trucks travel to thousands of kilometers to transport different logistics from the sources to destinations. Their horsepower holds and hauls many material and tools. To organize space in your truck and to protect and hold these tools, you need a best truck tool box. Top quality tool boxes for trucks are great solutions for the professionals as well as for the amateur truckers. Check the truck tool boxes reviews for the 2018 – 2019 here and get the best storage utility box for your truck.

Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviews

Undercover SC100D Black Swing Case Truck Tool BoxThe Undercover SC100D is the best truck tool box today. It can store all of your truck gears like tools, jumper cables, trailer accessories, sporting goods, etc. This swing case storage box is from one of the bestselling truck tool box brands in North America.

Features of Undercover SC100D Black Swing Case Truck Tool Box are:

  • It is an easy-to-install truck storage box which only takes under 10 minutes to fit in your truck
  • It works with all types of tonneau covers
  • It can hold weight up to 75 pounds
  • If you do not have canopy or tonneau cover, you can even use a padlock to secure your accessories in this best truck tool box for the money
  • Comes with the limited warranty from the company

International TB-20D Tool Box for TrucksThe International TB-20D utility box is one of the best tool boxes for trucks. It is popular among the farmers, contractors, and handymen. It is ideal for storing all of your truck accessories and tools.

Features of International TB-20D Tool Box for Trucks are:

  • It has a steel construction with a reinforced top lid
  • The side handles made from metal and is welded for easy carrying
  • To protect your valuable tools and accessories, it has sturdy center locking
  • It is scratch resistant and has diamond plate with a tough industrial powder coat paint finish

ARKSEN© 30 Aluminum Toolboxes for TrucksThis aluminum made 30” tool box is the best truck tool box from ARKSEN which is one of the top truck tool box brands. It is designed to save extra space in your mobile and providing additional storage in your truck bed.

Features of ARKSEN Aluminum Toolboxes for Trucks are:

  • It is one of the best truck bed tool boxes
  • The five bar tread pattern rigid construction makes it extremely durable
  • It mounts conveniently in your truck and saves a lot of space
  • It has a built-in lock which protects your tools from being theft
  • The fold up door provides full access to the box

Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Truck Bed Tool BoxThis aluminum tool box from Choice Products is one of the most spacious truck bed tool boxes. If you check the best truck tool boxes reviews, then you will surely find this utility storage box in the lists.

Features of Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Truck Bed Tool Box are:

  • It is a perfect all-purpose utility storage box for trucks
  • It is ideal for the truckers, families who go for outings occasionally, and all the other outdoor enthusiasts
  • It is made from the heavy duty aluminum material and has a chrome exterior finish which makes it both durable and attractive
  • This reliable and safe truck tool box will store all your truck tools and accessories
  • Comes with a lock and two keys to protecting your stuff

Better Built 73210285 Best Truck Tool BoxIf you have a limited budget and want a good quality truck tool box, then the 73210285 truck tool box from Better Built is the right option. It is one of the best truck tool box brands in the business from last few decades.

Features of Better Built 73210285 Truck Tool Box are:

  • It is 60” long which is perfect for the back of your truck bed
  • It is shaped like a wedge which provides you some space underneath it or to better fit it in case of obstacles like    wheel wells
  • It comes with attachment supplies if you want to fix it at a place in your truck
  • One-year manufacturer warranty makes it a hassle free purchase for you

UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Bed Tool BoxThe TBSM36 basic storage box from UWS is one of the best truck tool boxes in the market. It conserves the space for the bed in your truck as well as offers a tough design to store heavy tools and materials.

Features of UWS TBSM36 Truck Bed Tool Box are:

  • It has a simple design with lifted up lid
  • The lid and tube made of resilient metal
  • The foamed lid makes the interior temperature cool than the outside temperature which avoids material warping
  • It comes with mounting legs which make easy to fit it in your truck
  • The MicroSeal stripping keeps the dust and moisture out of the truck bed tool box

Lund 79460T 60-Inch Aluminum Tradesman Tool BoxThe 79460T Tradesman Tool Box offers an efficient storage solution to store all your truck accessories and tools. This utility tool box is ideal for pickup trucks and SUVs.

Features of 79460T Tradesman Tool Box are:

  • The 60-inch size is perfect to store all of the tools and accessories needed for your truck
  • It has a diamond plated black finish which is rust resistant
  • It comes with strong paddle handles and side mount to give easy access to all the contents in it
  • The lockable and sturdy T-shaped handle provides an extra safety and comfort
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the company

All the products which are reviewed in the above list of the truck tool boxes are from the top truck tool box brands in the business. Each and every truck tool box is different in design and made for some specific type of truck bodies. So you can check the truck tool box reviews here and choose the best truck tool box for the money you spend. Mention in the comment your truck model and the tool box you chose for it. This will help other potential readers to get the best product for their trucks.



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