Best Travel Trailer RV Cover Reviews of 2018


To protect your RV when it is not in use is very important. If you keep your RV inside, then the cover will help in keeping bugs out and if you keep it outside then the cover becomes very much essential. Covering your RV will avert it from damages. If you keep your RV uncovered then may be you will face lots of problems like the paint job, roof repair, window treatment which will cost you a lot whereas if your RV is covered then you won’t face such problems. I will provide you the list of best travel trailer RV cover that will help you in choosing the appropriate product according to your requirements.

Best Travel Trailer RV Cover Reviews of 2017

Best RV Cover 

Camco 45742Camco is one of the best travel trailer covers that is perfect for cold and snowy regions. You will find it a very nice cover as it runs long. You will have a feeling of quality fabric and good tie downs. There is triple layer SFS top panel beads water on contact that affords maximum resistance to rainfall and snow.

  • It has heavy-duty polypropylene fabric around sides.
  • The mold and mildew growth is resisted by vented design.
  • Wind lofting and inside moisture is reduced by vent flaps.
  • It includes the storage bag and has tough interlocking joints.
  • It has unified self-adjusting hold down system.

Classic Accessories OverDriveClassic Accessories is one of the best travel trailer covers that is easy to use and fits your vehicle. It has zippered panels that permit access to the RV doors and engine areas. The cover is great which provides special protection in winter conditions. A three-year warranty is provided which is excellent.

  • You can fit travel trailers and toy haulers up to 24’-27 long. It is 118” high from ground to roof.
  • A custom fit is provided by the adjustable front and rear tension panels. The air vent helps in reducing wind lofting and inside moisture.
  • The rain and snow are kept out by triple-ply PolyPRO 3. The thick triple ply top and single ply sides protect against rain, snow, dirt and scratches.
  • Access to the RV doors and engine areas are done by Zippered panels.
  • The wind stress is shrunken by the unified air vent system which is joint with immediate drying PolyPRO sides.
  • One of the best travel trailer RV covers for winter

ADCO 52244ADCO is one of the best RV covers whose length is 26’1”-28’6”. It is the quality RV Cover with good instructions and setup. You will be pleased with the product as it is easy to use. It is well worth the money. It is designed for moderate climates with high moisture. It lessens premature aging of RV and helps in keeping resale value.

  • It features three-layered layer SFS AquaShed top panel.
  • It has the designer polypropylene sides.
  • It keeps the roof clean to reduce black streaks from forming on the sides of RV.
  • For easy covered access, there are multiple passenger-side zipper entry doors.
  • The roof fabric moderately covers the front, back, and sides of the cover.
  • The two-year manufacturer warranty is granted.
  • It includes rain gutter spout protectors to avoid cover puncture.

Expedition by Eevelle Travel TrailerEevelle Travel Trailer Cover is designed to safeguard your deal from the severest weather conditions. For smaller trailers, it is the great cover and it does wonders for keeping your trailer safe and dry. The covers are fabricated in such way that it lasts for longer time.

  • It contains innovative features, fabric and fit that mark it really the finest value in a protective cover for your RV.
  • The actual dimensions are 220 x 102 x 104 inches.
  • It contains X-Strength fabric for uneven durability.
  • It includes the storage bag and rear ladder cap.
  • It has multiple zippered panels for easy access to front, back and sides.
  • It gives the 3-year warranty.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3Classic Accessories is one of the best travel trailer covers that has R-POD COVER. It fits R-POD trailers up to 16’6’’long and fits RP -151. You will be happy on seeing the fraction of the cost compared to the cost of a true teardrop cover. You will find it very affordable. Breathable and the zippered door and extra roof layer of material are a bonus.

  • It fits RP-151 and R-Pod trailers that are 16’6’’long.
  • It features adjustable front, rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners that provide a custom fit.
  • The wind stress is reduced by the air vent system that is joined with PolyPRO 1.
  • The rain and snow are kept out by triple-ply PolyPRO 3.
  • You will be protected against rain, snow, dirt and nicks by thick, triple-ply and single-ply sides.
  • The RV doors and engine areas are accessed by the zippered panels.
  • On all covers, stuff sacks and tie-down straps are included with the 3-year warranty.

Summates Travel TrailerSummates is one of the best RV covers that consist of heavy duty full trip-ply polypropylene fabric that provides protection against rain, snow, scratches and dirt. It is easy to put on and straps are easy to connect. You will enjoy the great value for the protection it provides. We are sure that every customer will be satisfied by our superior quality and competitive price.

  • It is made up of triple-ply fabric both top and sides for protection to your RVs.
  • It is easy to install and offer more “Snug-Fit” with two extra secure straps.
  • To prevent tearing all corners are reinforced.
  • It provides the two-year warranty.
  • A custom fit is provided by the adjustable front, rear tension panels, and elasticized hem corners.

Leader Accessories Travel TrailerLeader Accessories is the great camper cover for the money. It will work nicely for your travel trailer. You can still have access to the trailer door while it is covered. It is of high quality and very reasonably priced item. It is of very lightweight so it is easy to move and easy to cover the RV.

  • It features 16’-18’ ft. The length, width, and height is 220, 102 and 104 respectively.
  • At night or while parking there are anti-hit reflective panels for added safety.
  • The wind stress is reduced by the air vents.
  • There are multiple zippered panels on this camper cover for easy access to the front, back and sides.
  • The rain and snow are kept out by three-layer polypropylene top fabric.


You can buy the right product after going through the above travel trailer covers reviews. By using the best RV cover you can protect your vehicle from damages. Not only you can save your vehicle from damages but you can also maintain the resale value of your vehicle. Before buying the cover you should thoroughly look at the type, size, and material. Go for breathable fabric to keep mold and mildew from growing. Before covering it wash your RV and do cover your tires and wheels also.



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