Best Tesla Keychain – Keep Your Tesla Keys Like Its Always New


Best Tesla KeychainWhen you unbox the Tesla key, it doesn’t come with any protection cover that can guard it against accidental drops and scratches. The biggest concern is portability, as there is no keyring hook to carry the Tesla keys.

Best Tesla Keychain

Not anymore; in this article, I have shared the five best Tesla keychains that will keep your key like it is always new.

1. LMZX Tesla Keychain

LMZX Tesla KeychainBest versatile key fob cover holder for Tesla S/3/Y.


  • It’s an oval shape key fob cover that protects the keys and allows the user to use buttons conveniently.
  • It is built from aluminium, and the fob cover is thin, lightweight and robust.
  • Mounting this cover on your keys is easy. Unscrew the screw with a screwdriver, put your keys inside, and fit the screw again.
  • The adhesive foam bits inside the fob cover will keep the small tolerance between Tesla keys and the fob cover to protect it from shock.


2. OLAIKE Tesla Keychain

OLAIKE Tesla KeychainBest value for money key fob keyring.


  • It is available in three different colours, black – grey and red. It offers a snuggly fit.
  • The producer of this key provides the same key with different dimensions to meet the needs of Tesla Model S/X/3 owners.
  • The key covering material is silicon; it gives a tight fit in hands and holds the key tightly.
  • With the help of a metal keychain, you can tuck the keychain in your finger and hang it on a wall easily.


3. Kwak’s Key Fob Cover for Tesla

Kwak's Key Fob Cover for TeslaBest key fob cover and keychain for your Tesla Model X.


  • It is easy to install. Just unscrew a few screws, put your Tesla key in it, and fit the screws as they were before.
  • You can choose from four different colour options, charming blue – dark gray – light blue and rose gold.
  • Instead of the keyring, the manufacturer has provided a clip type holder to attach extra keys.
  • The key fob chassis will not get any wear and tear. Also, it will not slip from hands and does not capture fingerprint marks.


4. QBUC for Tesla Keychain

QBUC for Tesla KeychainBest colouring key fob cover for your Tesla key.


  • The keychain cover is available in five black colours – blue – pink – red – and silver.
  • Made from aluminium, this sturdy cover is lightweight and gives a premium look to your keys.
  • The case gives your Tesla key protection from shock, collision, scratches, and possible damage.
  • The hollow design gives you enough space to access all the Tesla key buttons.


5. YAKEELEMON Tesla Keychain

YAKEELEMON Tesla KeychainA protective keychain for your Tesla Model S/3.


  • The material used for the chassis is aluminium, inside which your Tesla key will remain safe and sound.
  • The box includes thin sticky paddings which create a tolerance inside so your key won’t get scratches from inside.
  • It provides a more futuristic look to your Tesla key, as the Tesla key has the shape of its own car.
  • It also has a key ring attached to a refined leather strap in which you can keep multiple keys.


The one I recommend is LMZX Tesla Keychain. It offers excellent protection and easy portability, and you can easily mount it.



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