Best Exhaust For Honda Grom : At The Best Prices


Best Exhaust For Honda GromHello there! Welcome back here. Honda flared up its way after Grom was launched. The bike is a beast, no doubt, but the only problem is its silent exhaust system. That is why I happened to look for the best exhaust for Honda Grom and guess I have found the best ones on the internet.

Best Exhaust For Honda Grom

Read on till the end to know about each one in detail.

1. Kemimoto Low Mount Exhaust 

Kemimoto Low Mount ExhaustTransform your simple sportbike into a beast. 


  • It has excellent loud sound quality but using it with a baffle, you can experience low, deep sound.
  • Its muffler has a carbon fiber finish and bolts right up to the factory spots to it perfectly.
  • It comes with excellent gripped springs of incredible quality that hold the adapters in place.
  • It is built of excellent aluminum metal for a durable but lightweight feel.


2. ISTUNT Exhaust Fit for Honda Grom

ISTUNT Exhaust Fit for Honda GromGreat price and great sound! 


  • It is the best fitting for Honda Grom Msx125 2013-2020 and delivers great sound.
  • It comes with a muffler that sounds pretty loud to use DB killer in it as well.
  • It has a lavish glossy black color that adds coolness to your Honda Grom.
  • It is built with extremely tough stainless steel and lengths around 51 mm in diameter.


3. Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust for Honda Grom 

Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust for Honda GromThis one is an excellent exhaust in your budget. 


  • This exhaust is designed to enhance the performance and match the design philosophy of your Honda Grom.
  • It has a CNC machined muffler inlet cap and good weather ability with a smooth surface.
  • It has 3 stages of adjustable sound, with a removable baffle in this. 
  • It weighs around 5.3 pounds and comes with a removable DB-Killer.


4. Aodonly Racing Exhaust for Honda Grom

Aodonly Racing Exhaust for Honda GromThis one is worth your money. 


  • This is a dual high mount exhaust that is wholly made of stainless steel for a stellar performance. 
  • It is a compatible exhaust for Honda Grom Msx 2013-2020 models and SSR Razkull 125.
  • It is easy to install, you can do it in under thirty minutes, and it looks stunning as well. 
  • It produces a beast-like sound from your Honda Grom.


5. Aodonly Racing Low Mount Exhaust

Aodonly Racing Low Mount ExhaustAn excellent exhaust for your new Grom


  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means no rust as much as you use it.
  • It comes in titanium color, which adds a cooler touch to your Honda Grom. 
  • This exhaust is compatible with Honda Grom MSX125 all models and also the Grom clone. 
  • For comfortable noise, you get a DB killer with this low mount exhaust.


After a lot of research, my choice is the Kemimoto Low Mount Exhaust. Exactly as described and expected. It is easy to install and gives you much better sporty sound and well worth the cost.



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