Best Self Healing Cutting Mat Reviews for Quilting and Sewing


Self-Healing Cutting Mat checks damage to your tables and desktops by acting as a protective surface. They are long-lasting, safe and odor-free. There is variety of cutting mats that serve different purposes. You can evaluate mat by observing your needs. You can go for the thick mat for cutting waxed canvas fabric fairly simply. But if you don’t prefer durability then you can choose a little thinner mat. I will provide you the list of some best self-healing cutting mat. You can go through them and judge according to your requirements and preferences.

Best Self Healing Cutting Mat Reviews

Best Self Healing Cutting Mat 

Alvin ProfessionalAlvin is one of the best self-healing cutting mats. They are reversible cutting mats with extra durability.

  • It is 3mm thick and has a hanging hole for appropriate storage.
  • Its size is 12 x 18 inches and can be used for general-purpose work mat.
  • They don’t show cutting lines and provide the non-glare surface that can be cut constantly.
  • On any project, you can find the perfect center with zero centering lines.
  • Both sides it has grid lines. On one side the cutting mat is green and on the other side, it is Black.

Professional Self Healing Cutting MatSelf-Healing is the sewing cutting mat that is perfect for crafters and hobbyists. It is useful in endless ways and has guarantee of 10 years with full money back policy.

  • It is highly versatile so can be used for arts and crafts projects like sewing, quilting, leather cutting and glass cutting.
  • After every cut, the cutting mat reseals itself.
  • It has very long life. The tables and work areas are protected due to its thickness and double-sidedness.
  • It has different sets of clear grid lines, measurements, and angles that will help in the cutting process.
  • It is highly trusted and recommended by crafters, quilters, and hobbyists.

Dahle 10670 Vantage Cutting MatDahle Vantage is the large self-healing cutting mat that has extreme durability.

  • For easy sizing of paper, it is preprinted ½”.
  • The thickness is of 1/8” i e 3 mm thickness that protects work surface from damage.
  • They are constructed using 5 layers of PVC plastics and have self-healing properties.
  • It allows cuts to disappear.
  • It is considered preferred choice for cropping photos, cutting, sewing and crafts.

Fiskars Rotating Cutting MatFiskars Self-Healing Rotating Cutting Mat provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than others.

  • It has the lifetime warranty.
  • The bias lines of 30-, 45- and 60- degree makes star shapes easy.
  • You can cut squares of fabric at easier angles with the help of rotating 14 x 14-inch mat.
  • It features easy-to-read measuring grid and bias lines to make hassle-free cutting shape.

Self Healing Rotary Cutting MatSelf-healing Rotary cutting mat heals faster so the surface remains smoother for the longer time.

  • It is made up of refined material so it stays flat and it will not crack.
  • It is safe and odorless.
  • It produces high material density and has accurate grid markings on both the side.
  • It is the very good choice for scrapbooking and quilting.

OLFA Double-SidedOLFA Self-Healing Cutting Mat is 1.5 mm thick that provides a smooth surface for all cutting projects.

  • It is double-sided mat. On one side it is solid green for general crafting and on the other side, it has grid lines marking inches for detailed cutting.
  • It should be stored flat and should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • You should avoid extremely hot or cold to prevent wrapping.
  • Fixed-blade knives blade may damage the mat so it is meant for use only with rotary blades and blades.

X-ACTO Self-Healing Cutting MatX-ACTO Self-Healing Cutting Mat has smooth and steady cutting base for crafters.

  • The cutting area is kept stable by the non slip bottom.
  • The sharp X-ACTO knife cuts are survived by the self-healing PVC surface.
  • The work surfaces are protected from cuts and scratches.
  • At the time of cutting the printed one-inch grid pattern provides guidance.
  • For artists and designers, it is the sound cutting base.

How does self-healing cutting mat works?

Microscopic cells of the liquid polymer are used to make actual self-healing boards. Cuts impale the cells and release the liquid. After that, it fills the cut and then hardens in place. Thus, the self-healing mat works best for you.

There are many great mats that serve different purposes of crafting. You should evaluate mat according to your own needs as there is “no” best cutting mat for everything. The mat that fulfills your requirement is the best mat for you. Suppose you need something thick so that you can cut waxed canvas fabric comparatively easily but if you don’t need that durable then you can go for the thinner mat that may be easier to store.



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