Best fabric spray paint: Premium Quality Paint of 2018


Yes, it is a fact that you can spray paint your fabric and clothes. Since a time period, I was trying to figure out how exactly this can be done and which products are perfect for completing it. By researching and working since past few months, I have made a list about the “ Fabric Spray Paint”. The fabric spray paint can be used for DIY home craft, upholstery or clothes. Check the list below and pick the most suitable option for you.

Best Fabric Spray Paint

Best Fabric Spray Paint

Simply Spray Best Fabric Spray PaintThis fabric spray paint from Simply Spray is a non-toxic and non-flammable paint which creates a silkscreen effect on your fabrics, leather, and wood. It comes in a pack of six colors and is perfect for absorbent fabrics.

Features of the Simply Fabric Spray Paint are:

  • It applies a great tie-dye effect on your fabric
  • It comes in easy-to-use aerosol cans, no gloves needed
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable spray paint
  • It dries and washes well
  • Comes in a pack of six different colors including deep purple, pitch black, green apple, bright pink, poppy red, and bright yellow

Tulip 29069 Spray Paint for FabricThe Tulip fabric spray paint can be spritzed, sprayed, or splattered. It is a permanent fabric paint that dries to a glorious vibrant color.

Features of Tulip 29069 Spray Paint for Fabric are:

  • It comes with a spray nozzle, which gives you complete control
  • The spray paint bottle contains only product, so no any accidental sputtering happens
  • It is non-toxic and no aerosol propellants emit in the air
  • It is perfect for outfits, group activities, and multiple projects
  • It doesn’t disappear even after repeated washings

Rust-Oleum 248919 Automotive Flat Black Fabric and Vinyl Spray PaintThe 248919 fabric and vinyl spray paint from Rust-Oleum restore color on simulated weather, vinyl and on some fabrics. It is ideal for use on car seats, car door panels, vinyl furniture, luggage, dashboards, floor mats, and more.

Features of 248919 Rust-Oleum Black Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint are:

  • It is a flexible coating fabric and vinyl spray paint which restores color on vinyl, fabrics, and simulated leather
  • It is an 11oZ (11-ounce) black vinyl coating
  • It is ideal to use for vinyl furniture
  • The product contains actual vinyl for maximum flexibility and fast drying
  • It provides superb adhesion that will not crack or peel

Krylon 53563 'Satin Touch' Decorator Best Spray Paint for FabricKrylon has made this amazing satin-touch spray paint for fabric which is a fast drying and high solid formula. It provides a quick coverage, superior adhesion, and excellent weather ability.

Features of Krylon 53563 Satin-Touch Spray Paint for Fabric are:

  • It is ideal for indoor/outdoor projects and general purpose applications
  • This is a 12-Ounce Pistachio Enamel
  • It is built with an elegant design and finish
  • It is featured with an EZ Touch 360-degree dial spray tip
  • It dries to touch in 10 minutes and dries to handle in 1 hour
  • Best for glass, wicker, metal, wood, and paper craft projects
  • Available in 19 different colors
  • It is the best paint to use on fabric

Dupli-Color HVP106 Flat Black Spray Paint for Fabric and VinylThe HVP106 Dupli-Color spray paint for fabric and vinyl is a high-performance spray paint which dresses up your old fabric and vinyl. It is formulated with a maximum adhesion, so you do not need to use a primer.

Features of HVP106 Dupli-Color Spray Paint for Fabric and Vinyl are:

  • The HVP106 is a flat black 11-ounce spray paint
  • It is a fast drying spray paint which does not peel, crack or chip
  • It is perfect for dashes, vinyl seats, door panels, consoles, and shifter boats
  • It is an ideal fabric and vinyl spray paint
  • No need to use primer
  • It is available in 12 different colors

Rust-Oleum 278146 NeverWet Outdoor Fabric Spray PaintThe 278146 outdoor fabric spray paint from Rust-Oleum is a one-step, super hydrophobic, water-repelling spray paint. It is designed to keep your outdoor items like dry and NeverWet.

Features of 278146 Rust-Oleum Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint are:

  • It is an 11-ounce crystal clear NeverWet outdoor fabric spray paint
  • It comes in a plastic made, easy and simple to use kit
  • It repeals and protects your outdoor items from the damage caused by water
  • The crystal clear and silicon feels formula keeps the appearance and feel of your items like original
  • It is also available for Auto Interior and for Shoe & Boot

Tulip ColorShot Best Spray Paint for ClothesIf you want to give an instant shot of a washable, permanent, and beautiful color, then the Tulip ColorShot spray paint is for you. It works perfectly with monograms and stencils.

Features of Tulip ColorShot Spray Paint for Clothes are:

  • This is a 3-ounce black spray paint for fabric
  • It dries quickly and soft to the touch
  • It works great on synthetic and natural fabrics
  • It is perfect for light-colored fabrics
  • It is the best spray paint for clothes as per my personal experience
  • It is permanent and machine washable
  • Also available in other 25 different colors

All the fabric spray paints above are permanent, non-toxic, and fume-free. You can paint your patio furniture, T-shirts, car interior, lampshades, and much more with the fabric and vinyl spray paint. All the spray paints in the above list of the “Fabric Spray Paint” are highly specialized paints which work best on the particular fabric mentioned in their details. Feel free to share your thoughts on which fabric spray paint helped you in renovating your clothes or furniture below in the comments section.



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