Krita vs Gimp: Which one is the best for Artists?


There have been several instances where the artists compare GIMP with Krita to trace the best if the lot. Often, one recommends Krita for most, and several recommend Gimp for the rest. The answer lies in the comparison itself. If you would check the data, Krita has been ranked 1st while Gimp lies in the 5th rank. This is because Krita is chosen more above Gimp in the Krita vs Gimp controversy. Here are the following reasons why:Krita vs Gimp (1)

Krita vs Gimp

If you look at the PROs of GIMP:

Compared to Krita, Gimp holds a completely free platform and open source. Gimp held a few successful Kickstarters too to get the funding. Also, it is a cross platform with all its features available to you without even spending a penny. Therefore, it shows to be an excellent case for artists or designers with low budget. Also, the platform is free on Windows, and Mac OS too. Also, the software is licensed under GPL.GIMP

GIMP holds the most powerful image editing tool where image manipulation and workflow tools becomes easily available on your fingertips. Although, a few image editing softwares are missing, this is made up with plugins. Also, GIMP contains the Content-aware tools.

GIMP has an interface that is modular and is open to the single-window options. By default, it has the split out window. However, you can easily switch over to the screen mode too according to your preference.

Meanwhile, if you look through the pros of Krita:

Even though Krita is not for free, and contains a paid version, it is more advanced in comparison to GIMP.Krita

Krita has an easy to use layout. The tools that you frequently use and are most useful have been so designed that you can easily find those in Krita’s UI at just a click away. In fact, Krita has specifically not hidden these tools behind menu or below as a dropdown.

Also, Krita holds an amazing compatibility when it comes to displaying brushes. There are a few preset brushes with the default dockers. Each brush can be previewed through a mouseover showing a detailed view of the brush type involved. Some of the useful and descriptive features such as “HP Pencil” or “Textured Fuzzy” are also present. Alongside, Krita is very customizable too.

If you have been looking for an easy editing in a tiled view, Krita is your choice. Krita has a feature that helps you to edit the tile image by automatically wrapping back the painting to the other side in case your brush passes out of the original texture, while permitting you to paint and see the results on the other hand too. It also contains a shortcut key for this function.

Krita also gets constantly updated with bug fixes and added features.

Krita better:

Thus, under my scrutiny and review, Krita is better than GIMP, since Krita holds enough momentum and is soon to get far much advanced than GIMP in a few years. Also, Krita has more features, for now. However, for a freehand art, there lies no competition and GIMP just serves your purpose well too. Otherwise, professionally speaking, Krita hardly has another competition among any other painter apps.



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